telecom operators

The traditional telecom industry facing more challenges than ever before as voice market revenues disappear at the same time as ICT services are increasingly delivered by OTT providers.

Operators need to be smarter, and very often need to get leaner in order to adapt to market changes. We bring practical and implementable advice to the challenges of the modern market, and we help our clients implement our recommendations.

Salience customers such as Sudatel relied on us to define enterprise services to generate new revenue streams, and Saudi Telecom who relied on us to define the optimal rollout of fibre-optic infrastructure.   We provide well defined options and implementation plans.

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Katerina Naunovska
business analyst

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Manlio D. Garcia
principal consultant - Customer experience and customer care

An award-winning customer care specialist and program manager with 15 years’ experience in establishing, operating and elevating top-performing contact centres in

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Mohammad Allataifeh
principal consultant - Public Safety & Safe Cities

Mohammad provides Safe City and Public Safety solution expertise, helping business development and marketing functions to offer the latest technologies in this sector

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