Case Study

Transforming tower regulation – Addressing mobile infrastructure licensing for Bahrain

Tower rationalisation and permitting in Bahrain

Business issue

In its efforts to encourage a highly competitive mobile market, Bahrain had allowed telecommunication base station mast and towers to be deployed with little oversight.  In an effort to institute some control and address complaints relating to visual and safety issues, the government of Bahrain ordered the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to establish guidelines for providing permits for telecommunication towers and to create an operational unit implement a permitting function for mast and towers in Bahrain.

Salience solution

Salience delivered a full and detailed assessment of the scope of work to create a permitting funtions, and delivered a detailed plan for implementing towers permitting.  Key activities undertaken by the Slaience team include 

  • Audit of sample of existing masts and towers to better understand the state of the infrastructure
  • Analysis of the current deployment issues
  • Creation of organisational design, processes and business case for the new permitting unit
  • Development of an RFP and selection of new tower inventory (MMIS) system
  • Development of plan and policy for legalisation of existing towers
  • Create guidelines for deployment of towers and masts going forward


The  work performed by Salience has provided TRA with a clear and documented view of the scale and nature of work required to establish a permitting process that is integrated with other government permitting bodies (such as the municipality). The process, organisational design and business case analyses described staffing needs, budget forecast and timelines for implementation. This project is still on going.