Why Salience

World class telecom experience


We are senior executives and industry veterans from international operators and management consultancies including British Telecom, AT&T, PA Consulting and PwC. We distinguish ourselves by offering implementable advice gained from practical experience in telecommunications. 

We know how telecom works 


International and Regional knowhow


Our consultants have extensive experience working for clients across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our working knowledge of successful delivery in MENA since 1991 helps us understand regional challenges and opportunities.

We know the local culture 

Industry focused


Our management consultancy is 100% focused on serving the telecom market and we are very proud of being instrumental in successfully delivering tangible change. We have made a direct impact in the transformation of countries and communities through telecommunications. Since 2010 we have launched new operators, established regulatory bodies and facilitated national infrastructure developments.

We make things happen 


Vendor independent


Many other telecom consultancies are associated with operators or equipment manufactures. Our independence allows us to purely focus on developing the best solutions for our clients, unhindered by vested interests. We are one of only a handful of management consultancies worldwide that is providing independent advice to operators, regulators and government.

We are honest and unbiased 



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