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5G MENA conference - Salience’s managing partner Ivan Skenderoski participated in the panel discussion on fibre-like services with 5G Fixed Wireless Access


In a lively discussion the panelists were trying to assess the potential of Fixed Wireless Access powered by 5G against the traditional fixed access technologies such as FTTH.

The discussion covered spectrum issues such as whether there is sufficient spectrum to be dedicated to fixed services and which spectrum has good propagation in the homes, technology issues such as real performance versus theoretical speeds and whether this solution is just a temporary fix or long-term solution. It was also mentioned that regulators in the Middle East are currently at early stages of evaluating the use of 5G for fixed services and there is no consolidated view on whether and how these technologies will be utilized.

Guest Lecture from Salience Consulting on Career Day at University American College


Ana Dameska of Salience Consulting recently gave a lecture to students as part of the UACS 2018 Career Day, sharing insights into a career in management consultancy.

Ana, who leads the Human Resources and Recruitment function for Salience in Macedonia, highlighted the critical elements to a fruitful career in consulting and how the dynamics have changed for recruiting today’s promising high-achievers.

Salience has witnessed that today’s millennials are looking for roles that not only challenge, develop and reward, but most prominently, roles that deliver real impact and value in making a difference to people’s lives. “Organisations that have a clear purpose in social and economic impact chime well with today’s graduate expectations.  A company like Salience, who can demonstrate genuine impact in ‘transforming countries and communities through telecoms’ is certainly an attractive credential for our prospective employees”, Ana commented.

Ana discussed her own career path in converting passion and skills into an impacting and rewarding profession, and how the company culture plays such an important role in attracting and developing exceptional talent.

Interested undergraduates and graduates whom can bring curiosity, intelligence and a burning desire to make things happen on the global stage should get in touch.


Ivan Skenderoski moderated the opening panel discussion at Subsea Middle East Summit 2018


Salience Consulting managing partner Ivan Skenderoski moderated the opening panel discussion at Subsea Middle East Summit 2018. The inaugural summit is part of the Capacity Middle East 2018 event and aimed to be a dedicated touch point within the year for the submarine cable market to address advancing market issues with the global submarine ecosystem as they look to build greater presence and invest in the region. The opening panel entitled “The Middle East – Exploring the Subsea Terminal Hub between Europe and the Far East” and facilitated by Salience’s managing partner Ivan Skenderoski explored number of relevant issues for the development of the regional subsea hub concept. The participants included senior representatives from cable and wholesale service operators Airtel, GBI, PCCW Global and BBG consortium. The panelists discussed about the natural emergence of various hubs across the region such as Oman as cable hub, UAE as data exchange hub, Kuwait as potential alternative transit route hub and even Djibouti gaining momentum going forward. These developments should use the lessons learned from other established hubs such as the Marseilles hub in Europe .

Salience signs MoU with INS


Salience Consulting and Intelligent Network Solutions (INS) have signed a Memo of Understanding (MoU), which serves as the basis for ongoing collaboration as well as future cooperation regarding telecom towers, fiber inventory, and mobile applications. The two companies have agreed to work together in developing and promoting solutions to address the challenges in the market.

Intelligent Network Solutions (INS) creates opportunities and solves problems for customers tackling the complexities of building commercial grade solutions. Since 2007 they have been engaged by large enterprises, software vendors, and technology startups. They bring products and complex applications to market faster and continue to grow because they deliver on their promise to deliver business solutions, not just functioning software. 

Ivan Skenderoski, addressed and moderated a special panel session on “Opportunities and challenges in the media and telecom industry” at Macedonia 2025 Summit


Salience founder and managing partner Ivan Skenderoski, addressed and moderated a special panel session on “Opportunities and challenges in the media and telecom industry” at Macedonia 2025 Summit held in Skopje on 1st and 2nd November.

Salience as a boutique telecom consultancy, successfully made a direct impact in the transformation of countries and communities through telecommunications, so this summit was a perfect opportunity to share our perspective on developing the technology sector in Macedonia.


Awasr – Another business success story for Salience


Salience is proud to help make Awasr the fastest broadband provider in Oman. Awasr was awarded as ‘Oman’s Fastest Fixed Broadband Network’ by Ookla, the company behind Speedtest, which is recognised as the global leader in Internet testing and analysis.

The award is a major milestone for Awasr, which has earned the distinction of being the fastest fixed service provider in the shortest span of time having launched its operations in March 2016. Salience team continue to work with Awasr supporting them in achieving the set targets. 

Check award details here